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What's Up?

Some of the latest news from the Sukhumvit area? Well, there's a new "pizza" place on Soi 8 serving what they call pizza on half a sandwich roll that contains a daub of tomato sauce, some cheap mozzarella and toppings like half cooked pancetta which tastes disgusting. THAT's a fun place. I guess you shouldn't really expect much for 59-69 baht. Go farther down the same soi to Praya Rai, however, for some of the best Thai seafood we've ever eaten. Not cheap but not outrageously priced either, considering the quality. 

Speaking of outrageously priced food, got to the new Hooters on Soi 15 in the Four Points By Sheraton Hotel. 580 baht for a burger and that's not the most expensive one on the menu. A friend told us he couldn't get served by the waitresses for 15 minutes so he left. They must have been busy doing their makeup. Good luck and also good luck to the new one opening on Soi 4 in the Nana Hotel. That should go over well on a soi full of Cheap Charlies that don't want to pay more than 80 baht for a beer. Are there that many tourists coming here that can be suckered? We'll find out soon.  

The Forge has recently opened on Sukhumvit Road very close to Soi 14. The entrance is on the street but the main rooms are on two levels upstairs. Run by Dave and a partner whose name we CANNOT remember (sorry), it's a good looking place with a different vibe than Dave's Black Swan pub on Soi 19.

And the new place going up in front of Hemingway's on the corner of Soi 14 has us confounded. It's now a large concrete slab with I-beam structures at the back -- almost in Hemingway's parking lot --  that sort of look like support for some kind of stages yet underneath whatever is going on top of the I-beams is a large water tank. Go figure. We'll find out soon enough.

That's all for this week but lot's more is coming next week so stay tuned. 

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